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In partnership with Real Reads' Icelandic partner Namsgagnastofnun, we are delighted to bring you one of the best-known sagas of the Viking age, Egil's Saga.

Egil’s Saga

An Icelandic Classic

Retold by Brynhildur Thorarinsdottir

Illustrated by Halldor Baldursson

ISBN 978-1-906230-87-6


Is it really possible to become famous throughout your country and beyond both as a fearless warrior and as a renowned poet?

Egil Skallagrimsson lived in Iceland a thousand years ago, and this is the story of his long and violent life. He could compose beautiful poetry, but he was also capable of staggering brutality.

Can Egil successfully avenge his father’s exile from Norway, defend his honour against the Norwegian King Erik Bloodaxe, and support the English King Athelstan in his battles against the Scots?

When his travels finally find him at home again in Iceland, how will Egil feel about his family - his loving wife Asgerd, the brother he lost in battle, and his dead sons? And what will he do with his two chests of silver?

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